Sunday, July 1, 2018

Day 14 - Pocatello to Idaho Falls

A couple of pics from yesterday:

South Broward Wheelers Jersey Day in Idaho:

On the road:

Who ever thought I would say a ride that was almost 67 miles with just under 500 feet of elevation gain is an easy ride.  Just seemed kind of easy; tomorrow will be BACK TO WORK!

I had a dog chase me today.  This was the second time during the trip I had this occurrence.  A little chihuahua was hiding in the brush.  As I was passing, he bolts out of the brush barking like only one of those dogs can and he stayed with me, longer that I thought was possible.  But I should also add, when a dog chases me, it always seems like it lasts a lot longer than it should.

During the ride I saw a catapult, not sure what it was doing on a farm, nor why would a farmer pay for such a device, but here it is just the same:

During the ride, we were riding along the Snake River a lot, here is a clip:

Did not really see anything else of interest until we got to Idaho Falls and the falls were pretty cool.  


  1. Very nice, seems like all is going well. I guess you're about 25% into it? Weather seems like it is beautiful. Great experience for you!
    - Doug

  2. Great pictures & video. Looks like the weather has been great. I hope you’re loving it!!
    - Jackie

  3. AS of today, it was day 17 of 50, of 34% of the days completed. Day after next is a rest day and I will put up all the numbers.

    The weather has been awesome; yesterday was the first stormy afternoon, but overall, certainly as good as it is going to get.

    Tomorrow is going to be one of the longer days of the tour, actually, longest in respect to miles. But it is awesome to get up every day and be able to ride my bike. Yes, a great experience. Seeing some beautiful parts of our country and seeing some really neat stuff; you do not see a Jackalope everyday, hehe.

  4. The catapult was aimed at passing cyclists from what I can see.... :)