Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 20 - Capser to Lusk

This ride was supposed to be 107 and 3,200 feet of climbing.  However, major construction on the Interstate caused the leaders to transfer us part of the ride and we lost 14 miles, so I had 93 miles and 2,600 feet of climbing. 

When we were in the van, one of the leaders, Karen, who is pretty funny, was commenting on the Interstate.  So Wyoming DOT was fixing one side of the Interstate, as a result, two way traffic was on the other side of the Interstate.  There was no room for cyclists. 

On the side they were fixing, first it looked like brand new paving, and Karen was wondering why, out loud, we were not allowed to ride on the new paving; new paving for a cyclist is like a dream come true.  As we were traveling, the new paving turned to hard packed dirt.  Karen said we still could have rode on that.  Well the hard packed dirt lasted for a few miles, and as it went on, Karen commented that it might not be a good idea to ride on the hard packed dirt for so long.  Then Karen, goes, oh no, this might be a problem, you would need a good head of steam and a decent ramp to make it over the bridge that was completely ripped out.  Big hole, there was no way to get over that, hehe. 

Here is a pic of Karen:

We started the ride about 6:30 AM, rather pleasant morning.  But 93 miles takes me a long time to complete.  It took over nine hours of elapsed time to complete the ride.  As the day progressed, it got hot really hot.  One of the guys we were riding with, Dave got so dehydrated that he got dizzy.  We stopped at Three Sisters Restaurant and after a bit, he said he was feeling better.  If you can see on the sign, it says "if he is lopen, we are open."  The pie was supposed to be the best, I would say, not so much.

Here we are climbing up to the Interstate:

Here is another pic of a jackalope:

Someone mentioned that this was the first school house in Wyoming, not sure, but I will go with it:

If you look closely at the beginning of the clip, you can see the Lost Springs sign shows "Pop 4."  This was the lowest population sign we have seen so far.

Finally, arrived at Lusk:

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