Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Day 23 - Rapid City to Wall

Was supposed to be 58 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing; however, due to road construction, we did about 51 miles with 1,677 feet of elevation gain. 

The first 24 miles were pretty swift, not much wind, pretty level.  We stopped at the rest stop/SAG stop and the leaders put us in a holding pattern. 

Dave is a strong rider who has helped me out in the wind on days when it was really needed.

We were in a holding pattern because our route was under construction as was the Interstate.  So they transported us by van for about five miles.  Here is a clip of taking bikes off the van:

Regarding Wall Drugs:  Mr. Wall bought the drug store back in 1931 and there was not much going on in the town at that time.  The summers were very hot and the winters were very, very cold.  Mr. Wall's wife came up with the idea to give out free ice water in the summer time to travelers.  They put up bill boards to let the travelers know about the free ice water.  The travelers started stopping by in droves and the rest is history.  Wall Drug is now a store that is about as big as a city block.  The walls between the individual buildings were opened.  Pretty big place with a lot going on in the middle of no where.  If you would like more info, check out this link:  http://www.walldrug.com/

Going down the highway, it is much like South of The Boarder in South Carolina on I-95.  Anyone who has traveled up and down I-95 corridor knows what I mean; a bill board advertising South of the Boarder, or in the case of Wall Drugs, every mile or so, advertising Wall Drugs starting about 30 or more miles out.  And they still give out free ice water.

It was very hard to get these bill boards with the GoPro, but I tried:

They give free coffee and doughnuts to both honeymooners and US Veterans.

Stopped on the highway for a break:

Pop 818:


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