Monday, July 9, 2018

Day 22 - Hot Springs to Rapid City

The ride was supposed to be 73 miles with 6,400 feet of elevation gain.  However, I had a problem with my bike.  As a result, I ended up with about 32 miles and 2,900 feet of elevation gain. 

Just a few miles into the ride, we saw the prairie dogs.  If you look closely, you can see them.  But you can definitely see the burrows.  In the second video, you can hear them; and you can see them if you look for them.  They are brown.  They happen to look like big rats to me.

During the ride, we came across the biggest bike sculpture in the Midwest.

While the entire ride was up hill to this point, there was a major climb that started at about mile 27 or so.  As I got to the top, my bike was making a new noise; kind of like a tinkling in the drive train.  I got off the bike and could not really figure it out, rotating the pedals counter-clockwise.  I just could not see anything.  I did not see the chain rubbing the derailleur at all, although that is what it sounded like, the chain was rubbing something.  I could not find anything.

So I got on the bike, and headed down the big hill to the rest area/SAG.  Got down there and started to look at the drive train again.  Still could not find anything.

We went around the corner to a convenience store and stopped.  I got off the bike again and turned it over and and I immediately saw that part of the gear cable guide was missing.

The cable was actually rubbing the small chain wheel, the teeth.  That is what made the tinkling sound.  The ride leader spoke to the mechanic who stated he did not have such a part.  She then got on the phone and found a bike shop in Rapid City who had the part and said he could fix it.  As a result, my ride was finished for the day.  So I missed a lot of beautiful riding, and missed Mt. Rushmore.  But I was able to get the following when the van stopped to assist some of the other riders.

The leaders trucked me over to the bike shop and I am happy to report that the bike is fixed and ready to go for tomorrow morning.


  1. Sorry you missed Mt. Rushmore. Glad you got the bike fixed.

  2. Hey, could be worse. Poor bike needed a break! Glad all is going well, seems like you're enjoying it. Stay safe...

  3. Tomorrow is another easy day; a day less than 60 miles, but back to work the day after next, over 100 miles, ugh.