Friday, July 6, 2018

Day 19 - Casper

Rest day today.  Quick update:

Biked through Idaho, seemed like, here today, gone tomorrow:

Wyoming is taking a lot longer to get through:

The line on the US map is now legible, since it has gotten so much longer:

The accountant in me cannot help it; By the Numbers:

Total trip miles:  3,690
Days of trip: 50
Miles completed so far:  1,315
Percent miles completed:  36%
Percent days gone:  38%
Total climbing so far:  55,510'

Since we were picked up at mile 109 yesterday, we missed out on the final 10 miles.  The head mechanic was gracious enough to take us out to where we were picked up yesterday to ride the final 10 miles in today.

I thought that this was pretty cool, the bike path went along the North Platte River:


  1. One third under your belts already. Way to go!

  2. Yes, way to go. It has been a real challenge. Who would have ever thought I would think a 70 mile bike ride is a break, hehe. But we just keep at it.